Railing Cables from BRUGG Lifting

With railing cables from BRUGG Lifting, you get a railing solution for balconies, roof terraces, stairs, balustrades, galleries and other areas, which provide maritime aesthetics and airiness both indoors and outdoors.

In addition to our robust railing cables, various end connections of the four product lines FINE LINE, MID LINE, STANDARD LINE and DO IT LINE are available for attaching the cables – matching any taste.

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Railing ropes: Our product lines

According to your ideas, you may attach our railing cables with end connections from FINE LINE, MID LINE, STANDARD LINE and DO IT LINE to balconies, stairs and other sites.

Whether external thread or internal thread, loops, thimbles, clevises or eyes, sleeves for flat or raised head – your may equip your railing cables with our various end connections to suit your needs.


Rope configurator for railing ropes

Our rope configurator enables you to combine your railing cables in suitable length with the desired end connections in a few steps creating the desired solution for stairs, balcony or roof terrace.

  • Availability around the clock
  • Images and data sheets of all parts
  • Combinations can be assembled
  • Instant guiding price offer


Synonym for innovation and elegance when it comes to designing the connections – that is FINE LINE. Due to a patented process it is possible to keep the connection of the FINE LINE pieces at railing cables as slim as the cables itself. This way you will always gain: in shapeliness, creative freedom and Individuality. FINE LINE is unique – and the right system for everybody for whom beauty always is a matter of details.


The aesthetics of FINE LINE and the outstanding loading capacity of STANDARD LINE make a perfect match in the new MID LINE series. The functional construction of MID LINE extends the scope for the individual and creative design of your living spaces.


Within our STANDARD LINE we offer well-proven products that combine value for money and functionality in an ideal way radiating an attractive maritime aesthetics.
The vast number of different elements of this line which, despite of their technical design looks, are not limited to classical applications enable you to solve various design and layout problems.


For everybody who likes to take matters into their own hands, we have developed DO IT LINE – a program allowing you to assemble ropes and end connections individually. Thus, DO IT LINE offers you a maximum freedom of decision from the first planning idea until the last step on site.
The flexible system is suitable for both temporary and permanent installation.

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Did you know, ... Railing rope structure

how our railing cables are structured? Our railing cables are wire ropes consisting of cold-drawn, high-strength wires. Within a first step the single wires are spun around a center wire to create a so-called strand. In a second step, several strands are wrapped around a central core, thus forming the final cable.