Take your elevators to the next level with our premium rope technology

We help take the risk out of innovation with premium suspension ropes that are trusted worldwide for their quality and performance.

As system supplier, we have the corresponding end terminations, buffer systems and accessories for all elevator ropes in our product range.

Most items are available from inventory, allowing short delivery times and seamless logistics. Our suspension ropes take your elevators to the next level.

Tragseile - Sortiment für Aufzugseile, Endbefestigungen, Dämpfungssysteme und Zubehör

Our Suspension Ropes

TSR - Vollstahlseil Gesondert verseilt (IWRC) 6 Litzen Verzinkt


Full Steel Core Rope Separate Lay (IWRC) 6 Strands Zinc-Plated
BRUrope - SteelCore - Aufzugseil
HRS - Vollstahlseil, 9 Litzen, Parallelverlegung


Full Steel Core Rope Parallel Lay (PWRC) 9 Strands
BRUrope - SteelCore - Aufzugseil
SCX9 - Vollstahlseil, 9Litzen, separate Lage


Full Steel Core Rope Separate Lay (IWRC) 9 Strands
BRUrope - SteelCore - Aufzugseil
DP9 - Drahtseil mit Polypropylenfaserkern, 9 Litzen, Parallelverlegung


Mixed Core Rope Parallel Lay (PWRC) 9 Strands
BRUrope MixedCore Logo
CTP - Vollstahlseil mit TPU-Ummantelung. Gesondert verseilt (IWRC) 6 Litzen, vermessingt


Full Steel Core Rope with TPU Coating Separate Lay (IWRC) 6 strands, Brass Plated
BRUrope MixedCore Logo
MCX9 - Drahtseil mit Polypropylen Fasereinlage.


Mixed Core Rope Separate Lay (IWRC) 9 Strands
BRUrope MixedCore Logo
8×19 - Drahtseil mit Sisalfaserkern


Wire rope with sisal fiber core, 8 strands
BRUrope FiberCore

Suspension Ropes Advice

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Find the perfect suspension rope for your project

Accessories for elevator ropes

Rope end fittings

Supporting Tools

Door Rope sets / Door rope

Accessories for suspension ropes

At BRUGG Lifting, we not only offer high-quality suspension ropes, but also a variety of accessories that are essential for their safe and efficient use. Our extensive range of accessories includes products specifically designed for elevator ropes to optimize their performance.

Construction and Load Capacity of suspension ropes

The construction and load capacity of suspension ropes play a crucial role in their application. At BRUGG Lifting, we prioritize the selection of the right materials and precise construction of our suspension ropes. By using high-strength steel ropes and innovative construction methods, we ensure high load capacity and safety.

Lifespan and Special Features of suspension ropes

The lifespan of elevator ropes depends on various factors, including the quality of materials, proper maintenance, and regular inspections. At BRUGG Lifting, we offer suspension rpes with a long lifespan and special features tailored to the specific requirements of different applications. We emphasize the quality of our products to ensure reliable and long-term use.

Suspension ropes for Cable Cranes, Wire Rope Hoists, Cableways, Suspension Bridges, and Overhead Lines

Cable cranes, wire rope hoists, cableways, suspension bridges, and overhead lines are important applications where elevator ropes play a crucial role. These technologies require special ropes with unique characteristics to meet their requirements. BRUGG Lifting offers high-quality suspension ropes for these applications, ensuring high load capacity, reliability, and safety. Trust BRUGG Lifting for your demanding suspension rope needs in these areas. Our elevator ropes are manufactured according to strict quality standards and provide the optimal solution for cable cranes, wire rope hoists, cableways, suspension bridges, and overhead lines.