Ropes with electrical conductors

by BRUGG Lifting

Wire ropes with integrated current-carrying conductors do not only take up the load, but also transmit control signals and electrical power. Depending on the requirements of our customers, BRUGG LIFTING may equip designed and manufactured wire ropes with one or several electrical conductors.

Seile mit elektrischen Leitern

What are the capabilities of ropes with electrical conductors?

Ropes with integrated current-carrying conductors transmit control signals and can be used in many different areas. Thus, you can use the ropes to operate and control equipment such as façade lifts, lifting platforms and cableways for transporting goods.

Which rope with electrical conductors to select?

The type of the rope construction with electrical conductors to be selected primarily depends on the application. Thus, to transmit control signals, use:

Spiral-Rundlitzenseile für Seiltriebe, die ein dreharmes Seil erfordern

Spiral ropes with round strands

for rope drives requiring a rotation-resistant rope

Spiralseile für statische oder praktisch statische Anwendungen

Spiral ropes

for static or virtually static applications

Litzenseile für alle normalen Seiltriebe und Spiral-Rundlitzenseile

Stranded ropes

for all normal and Spiral round rope drives

Depending on the number of electrical conductors, the required cross-section of the individual conductors and the insulation resistance, variations are possible within the basic constructions.

The most commonly used design is the normal stranded rope. The electrical conductors are placed in the core or instead of the core. In lack of space the rope diameter (ø) or the number of strands may be increased. A larger rope diameter will entail a larger installation size of the rope drive. An increase of the number of strands will reduce the minimum breaking force (MBF) of the electrical rope.

How is a rope with electrical conductors constructed?

A wire rope with electrical conductors can be constructed in 2 different ways, either with a single conductor or with a compact conductor.

The insulated single conductor can be assembled to form a composite conductor or placed singly at different locations in the wire rope.

The compact conductor contains a specific number of conductors and in most cases is designed specifically for one application. The better dimensional accuracy and the easier processing are contrasted with higher production costs and the fact that not all rope constructions are suitable for the compact conductor.

The insulating materials need not only insulate the conductor electrically, but also withstand the mechanical stresses. Once a conductor breaks down and shorts out, the function of the rope drive will be strongly affected, and the rope should be discarded. That means: In normal operation short-circuits must not occur prior to the point when the rope has to be discarded.

Insulation materials such as polyamide, polyurethane or compounds are specifically suitable for insulations exposed to high mechanical stresses, whereas the soft classical insulation materials such as polypropylene and polyethylene achieve values 2 to 3 times higher in the disruptive discharge test. The correct design and composition of the insulation is essential for a proper and reliable function during the entire service life of the rope.
Copper strands in different cross-sections are suitable as electrical conductors.

Will the mechanical properties of the rope be changed by the installation of electrical conductors?

Only the sensitivity to lateral pressures will be larger, as the insulation of the conductors can transmit only small lateral pressures without damage.

Accordingly, the choice of end fittings is largely limited. Primarily, end fittings generating no or only little lateral pressure are suitable, such as stay spirals, white metal cones with hot or cold cast, or drum fasteners. Wedge sockets, clamping plates and special wire rope clips are suitable only a limited extent.

Electrical ropes from our range

Our range provides you with innovative, industrial safety (EKAS guidelines) tested and secure ropes with electrical conductors. Have a look and select the suitable product.