Special lifting gear

Existing products and individual custom-made devices

Whether for sensitive and fragile or unusual, individual goods –special lifting gear from BRUGG Lifting will safely lift your loads.

For application on construction sites, in industrial and warehouse halls, logistics and production facilities, BRUGG Lifting offers both existing products from the area of lifting gear such as steel plate lifer, rock-lifting chains, special swivels, extension of crane hooks, manual lifting gear and different lifting tongs as well as custom-made lifting gear.

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Moreover, for lifting common standard goods, we offer a large range of lifting gear and slings as well as various attachment points.

Selection of the appropriate lifting gear.



For lifting pipes, you may use the Wimag pipe suspension gear, the safety clip of which can be equipped on request with rubber coating for painted or coated pipes.


Sheets and steel sections

Merrill lifting tongs are suitable for lifting and transporting sheets, steel sections, etc. These tongs feature a special hinge for gripping loads in horizontal or vertical position. horizontal sheet panels can be turned by 180° without re-gripping.

Note: the barrel lifting gongs no. 52 are not suitable for lifting plates or sheets!



The barrel lifting gongs no. 52 are suitable for the horizontal and vertical lifting of barrels from steel and reinforced plastics. They are not suitable for lifting plates or sheets!



The curbstone tongs from the category of Terrier lifting tongs are suitable for lifting curbstones.

Rocks and stones

Our rock-lifting chain helps you lift rocks and stones.

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Custom design for other loads

For lifting other loads not specifically mentioned, BRUGG LIFTING may provide a custom-made device.

Sheets, steel plates and steel structures

For vertical lifting and turning of sheets, steel plates and steel structures, you may use the TS safety lifting tongs from the category of Terrier lifting tongs.
In addition, our steel plate lifter serves as an anchor for steel plates 1 RA-8K.

Individual custom designs of lifting gear

If no suitable lifting gear for lifting individual, non-standard loads is available, our engineers will develop custom-made devices such as traverses, tongs and manual lifting devices.

You can decide whether our service representative visits you to document, the given situation together with the requirements on the custom designs or whether you submit to use explanations and photos of the situation or sketches of your ideas.

In the case of clearly defined specifications, it is within a few days that our engineers will provide you with a proposal on your custom-made design. This proposal will take into account booth your specific wishes regarding the lifting gear and the demands on safety and handling.

If the model meets suits your need, the lifting gear will be manufactured and the custom-made device including operating instructions will be ready for use at the location of your choice after about 2-3 weeks.

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Did you know ...

… that we inspect special lifting gear and custom-made devices also in accordance with the EKAS guidelines? Our BRUGG.INSPECTION SERVICE will check your products as requested at your site or will collect the lifting gear and custom-made devices to be inspected in a ReBox provided by us ab. Following the inspection, the devices along with inspection logs will be returned to you in the same ReBox.

Read more about our inspection service and the convenient ReBox transport service.

Special lifting gear in our web shop

For lifting special loads, you may also purchase existing secure and industrial safety EKAS guidelines tested lifting gear in our web shop.