Lashing and lifting equipment, ladders and PSAgA are optimally secured.

To ensure the safety of your work equipment, various Swiss standards regulate the inspection cycles of lifting equipment and personal protective equipment for protection against falls from a height (PPE).

Accordingly, lifting ropes, slings, round slings, sling chains, ladders and PPE must be inspected at least once a year by an expert. However, taking into account the conditions of use, an expert can also arrange for shorter test cycles if this is necessary.

Regular inspections are therefore mandatory, and this is where we come in.


CHF 125*

per hour

Preferential services

  • Free arrival and departure (no travel fee)
  • Free metal badges/test stickers and NFC chip
  • Free digitization in PVS system
  • Free use of PVS
  • Free PVS support in case of problems
  • Inspections by our expert personnel
  • Inspection and documentation according to applicable standards
  • Repairs on site or at our factory (ReBox)

* Weekend/Express:

CHF 169 per hour

We offer professional testing

Take advantage of our long proven offer and benefit from powerful, safe and durable lashing and lifting equipment.

Sicher nach EKAS-Richtlinien


Tested, cleaned, painted - all work equipment enjoys testing by us in accordance with the guidelines of the Federal Coordination Commission for Occupational Safety (EKAS).

Eindeutige Prüfplaketten


Intact and inspected lashing and lifting equipment receives an inspection sticker with the next inspection date. Operational safety is restored and the upcoming date remains in view.

PVS Benutzeroberfläche Icon


All measurement and control data are summarized by us in logs and can be viewed by you in App PVS. In addition, the download as PDF for your documents is available there.


How does the ReBox service work?

1. Contact us

Just contact us and we will ask you everything you need

2. Collection of the ReBox

We pick up the ReBOX at your construction site on appointment.

3. Wish ReBox composition

We will assemble your desired ReBox and deliver wherever you want.

Identifikation Icon

4. Testing, repairs and replacement

We check, repair or replace defective parts with new ones.

5. Redelivery

Redelivery after a few days directly to the construction site

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Additionally you get access to PVS.Basic

We work for you at your desired location

Depending on your preferences, we will visit you for professional testing of your work equipment – whether at the place of use or at your warehouse. If necessary, we also carry out load tests of corresponding products directly on site to guarantee you the necessary safety. The test badges are of course also included in the mobile service.
In addition, we offer you the possibility to send your lashing and lifting equipment in a ReBOX to our factory to have it checked there.

The ReBox service you get inclusive

With our ReBOX service, we offer you a convenient transport solution with minimal administrative effort on your part.

  • Collection of your work equipment
  • Inspection, repair, replacemen
  • Delivery of the safe products

Read more about this in the ReBOX section or request your ReBox directly by phone under


We will be happy to advise you.

  • Would you like to know what repair options are available for your work equipment?
  • Are you looking for alternatives or possibly more suitable lashing and lifting equipment for your purposes?
  • Do you need replacement products and want to clarify the cost factor?
  • Or are you interested in how to extend the service life of your products?

We will be happy to answer these and other questions within our testing service program. Call us at