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Forest chains, forest ropes, choker ropes and the matching accessories from BRUGG Lifting make your everyday forestry work easier. Whether designed as steel rope, synthetic rope or steel chain –the robust and durable forest equipment for logging and skidding lets you work clearly more effortlessly.

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Forstmittel mit Holzstämmen

Forest equipment for every use

To be equipped for every use in forestry work, different forest equipment is needed depending on the specific requirements. The brief overview below shows forest equipment suitable for your projects and how to handle such equipment correctly.

Forest steel cable or forest plastic rope?

The forest equipment range from Brugg Lifting offers, in addition to highly compacted forest ropes with steel core, also our synthetic Dynalight forest rope, which thanks to its high quality and low weight diverse benefits in forestry work.
  • 10x lower weight of the forest equipment for an easy, effortless handling when logging and skidding.
  • No injuries to the hands caused by broken wires or steel chips.
  • High level of safety due to reduced setback in case of wire breakage.
  • Easy coiling onto the winch.
  • Less injuries or incisions on standing trees.
  • Fast repair of the forest equipment in case of rope breakages, as a loop splice can be fabricated on site within 15 minutes.
  • Robust synthetic rope with special UV-Schutz.
  • Resistance to fuels, oils, water and frost.
On the other hand, we offer forest chains in the form of square chains from robust steel of grade 10. This type of forest equipment offers:
  • Safety due to quality-assured and tested chains and accessories
  • Weight reduction due to optimal utilization of the material strength
  • High service life due to extreme wear-resistance
  • Flexibility due to comprehensive range of accessories
  • Good grip due to the special square cross-section
  • Weight reduction of approx. 25% as compared to G8 forest equipment
  • Extremely high breaking load at equal weight
  • Increased wear-resistance in ground traction mode


Forstmittel Graph


Loading of guide rollers and pulley blocks.

The stated safety factors relate to tree-felling and skidding works in “normal cases”, i.e. without special risks. Tree-felling and skidding works involving “special risks”, e.g. due to the immediate vicinity of highways, railway lines and buildings, require special safety measures to be taken and the safety factors to be adjusted to the specifications for lifting gear.

Forest equipment for every use

How to work in a sustainable manner using our forest equipment: splicing our Dynalight synthetic rope by yourself is very easy.

Forstmittel Schritt 1

1. Mask the sheath behind the splice end with adhesive tape, mount the splicing needle and fix it with adhesive tape.

Forstmittel Schritt 2

2. Measure and mark 60-80 cm (or 3-4 times the hand spread) behind the splicing needle. 1.

Forstmittel Schritt 3

3. Determine and mark the length L of the desired loop. 2.

Forstmittel Schritt 4

4. Puncture the splicing needle on the 2nd marking in the center of the rope.

Forestmittel Schritt 5

5. Pull the loop together until the markings 1 and 2 lie on top of each other and secure the loop with a punctured splicing needle.

Forstmittel Schritt 6

6. Puncture a 2nd time after about 5 cm (or 3-4 strands).

Forstmittel Schritt 7

7. Puncture a 3rd time after about further 5 cm (or 3-4 strands)

Forstmittel Schritt 8

8. Puncture and insert the splice end after further 5 cm (or 3-4 strands) in direction towards the center of the rope.

Forstmittel Schritt 9

9. Bevel the sheath above the adhesive tape.

10. Pull the sheath tightly over the protruding rope end.

Forstmittel Schritt 11

11. Pull the sheath tightly over the protruding rope end.

Forstmittel Schritt 12

12. The splice is finished and fully resilient.

The accessories matching our forest equipment

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