Exciting Addition to Our Inspection Services

Reaching New Heights with Expansions in Our Inspection Domain. In the realm of warehouse management and operational safety, the regular examination of shelving systems is taking center stage. What may seem like a bureaucratic hurdle at first glance reveals itself upon closer inspection as a crucial safeguard for both customers and businesses alike.

Expansion of Inspection Portfolio to Include Shelf Inspections:
The increasing demand from major customers has led to the expansion of our inspection portfolio to include shelf examinations. But why are these inspections so important? Well, they not only serve operational safety but are also mandatory, acting as a protective shield for our customers. After a successful inspection, potential damages are covered by insurance, and the shelves are officially classified as safe and operational.

The Role of DIN EN 15635 in Ensuring Safety Standards:
A crucial factor in this process is compliance with DIN EN 15635. This standard not only defines shelf users according to manufacturer specifications but also ensures conformity with essential safety standards. Neglecting regular inspections can have serious consequences. Undetected damages significantly increase the risk of accidents, and in the event of an accident without prior inspection, insurance cannot cover the costs.

Stringent Legal Compliance Requirements for Shelf Inspections:
Shelf inspections are subject to strict legal compliance requirements. Visual inspections according to manufacturer specifications ensure that the shelves comply with legal regulations. Regular process checks are essential and must be conducted every 12 months to ensure compliance with the regulations.

In Summary:
In short, shelf inspections are not only a legal requirement but also a fundamental component for safety, customer protection, and smooth compliance. Investments in these inspections pay off in the form of safety, trust, and legal protection.

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