With BRUGG.Lashing you get an intuitive app that supports you free of charge in calculations within load securing. This allows you to quickly and conveniently calculate both the required number of lashing materials and the minimum lashing capacity for the safe transport of goods based on applicable standards.

BRUGG.Lashing is the ideal load securing helper for construction companies, freight forwarders, warehousing and logistics companies who want to secure their goods for the transport of goods.

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What the BRUGG.Lashing App offers

When securing loads with the BRUGG.Lashing app, you calculate the minimum required number of lashing devices when you enter the load weight, lashing angle, the specified pretensioning force and the dynamic coefficient of friction for tie-down lashing. For diagonal lashing, the minimum lashing capacity (LC) when using 4 lashing means is calculated from the load weight, lashing angle and dynamic coefficient of friction data.

In clear images, the BRUGG.Lashing App provides you with many useful tips on lashing, edge protection, load distribution and handling, as well as discard criteria for lashing chains and tension belts.

In addition, the BRUGG.Lashing App supports you in load securing with tips for entering the required calculation data. Among other things, you can overview the correct sliding friction coefficients of various materials in a clear table and select the appropriate one – whether for wood, metal, concrete, with anti-slip mat or Brugg surfaces in dry or wet condition.

Your benefits from BRUGG.LASHING

Clear user interface

The clearly arranged BRUGG.LIFTING app enables intuitive operation for calculations on various slings.

Graphical tips & hints

Explanatory pictures provide valuable safety tips and application information on sling ropes, sling chains and lifting slings.

Simple lashing angle measurement

With faster calculations and quicker work, the app provides noticeable time and money savings.

Even more advantages with BRUGG.LASHING Pro

Do you already know BRUGG.LASHING PRO?

With our app BRUGG.Lashing PRO you have the following features in addition to the already existing possibilities:

  • Save calculations – on your smartphone or online with registration at
  • Add pictures to calculations
  • Add location via GPS
  • Generate, save and forward PDFs
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Did you know …

… that you can manage both all of your load securing products and any other products along with inspection cycles and logs efficiently in the BRUGG.LIFTING PVS App?

So, PVS offers many useful functions, such as quick product identification by means of NFC, reminders about inspection dates and convenient request of inspections and repairs within the app including collection and return.