With the free BRUGG.LIFTING App you can quickly calculate both the sling angle β, the required sling length and the maximum payload for your slings.

For many years, the BRUGG.LIFTING app has been providing support on construction sites, in production halls as well as warehouses, making it the ideal helper for construction companies, manufacturers, freight forwarders, logistics companies and anyone who wants to lift and move their goods safely.

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What the BRUGG.LIFTING app offers

To calculate the sling angle β and the sling center length with BRUGG.LIFTING, enter both the number of strands and the shape and dimensions of the load in the app. The result of the calculation depends on your further data input.

If you also enter the sling length, you will find out whether the maximum permissible sling angle β is observed. If you also enter the sling angle β, you will obtain the required sling length.

To calculate the maximum payload, the BRUGG.LIFTING app provides the tools WLL sling ropes, WLL sling chains and WLL lifting slings. When you enter the corresponding parameters, these immediately determine the maximum payload that the selected sling can lift.

In addition, when calculating the maximum payload of slings and sling ropes in the BRUGG.LIFTING app, you can select which sling type you are using – whether direct, laced or folded. For sling chains, you can choose between a laced sling type or the variant with suspension link and load hook.

Your advantages with BRUGG.Lifting

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Clear user interface

The clearly arranged BRUGG.LIFTING app enables intuitive operation for calculations on various slings.

Graphical tips & hints

Explanatory pictures provide valuable safety tips and application information on sling ropes, sling chains and lifting slings.

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Simple lashing angle measurement

With faster calculations and quicker work, the app provides noticeable time and money savings.


Do you already know BRUGG.LIFTING PRO?


With our app BRUGG.LIFTING PRO you have the following features in addition to the already existing possibilities:

  • Save calculations – on your smartphone or online with registration at
  • Add pictures to calculations
  • Add location via GPS
  • Generate, save and forward PDFs
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Did you know ...

…that BRUGG.LIFTING offers training courses on slings?
The BRUGG.Lifting app is also used as a teaching tool on practical examples.
If you are interested in a training course on this area with content compiled according to your requirements, please contact us. On request, we can offer the training at your company or in our seminar rooms.