More safety and fewer accidents with the Safety App

The Safety App offers you and your employees in safety-critical environments various options to prevent accidents and thus increase safety.

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Document safety-relevant incidents

With the Safety App, your employees can document safety-relevant events at any time from their own smartphone or tablet. The reports on near-miss incidents, incidents or property damage can be supplemented with images, videos, voice memos and the GPS position.

Once captured, the report is shared with your entire team in a common repository in the cloud.

Prevent future accidents

The person responsible for occupational safety in your team will be notified of each report created and asked to process it. In this way, measures to prevent future workplace accidents can be defined and implemented.

For example, someone reports protruding nail tips in old euro pallets via the app. The safety officer is notified and incorporates the removal of these nails into the daily work process.

From professionals for professionals

The Safety App was developed by BRUGG Lifting AG – one of the leading manufacturers of elevator ropes, architectural ropes and wire ropes, lashing & lifting equipment. From our own practical experience, we know which safety functions are really important for professionals. We would like to offer our solution to other professionals and help to ensure more safety and fewer accidents in the workplace.


Four reasons for the Safety App

Why you should use the app with your team.

Document incidents intuitively

Incidents, near misses or damage are documented quickly and easily, with the ability to attach pictures, videos, voice memos and GPS location.

Real-time collaboration

Each team member can use their own smartphone and tablet to capture and manage reports.

Storage in the cloud

All reports and security-related documents are stored securely in the cloud and are available from anywhere at any time.

Emergency call and dead man function

People working alone can protect themselves with an integrated emergency call and dead man function.